My name is Wesson Dagnew. Mostly people call me "Tony", but when you dress like this in Toronto, I have many names: "Sugar Daddy", "Player", "Al Capone", "Mafia", "Mister Slim", "Mister Champ", "Young Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia". They call me all those names.


"Me, I live a different lifestyle. Usually people in Toronto don't dress like me.
It makes me happy, that's why I dress like that everyday for fifteen years.
It makes me happy, I don't bother nobody, I have a job, I make good money.
Besides, I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't do all those things. I just live my life."

"My suits, they have their own place.
My rings, they have their own place.
My sunglasses, they have their own place.
My canes, they have their own place.
My shoes, they have their own boxes.

So tomorrow, when I'm going to go out, I can get everything.
Everything I do is timed.

I don't mix my watches with my rings, my rings with my sunglasses.
It doesn't work for me.

I know where I keep everything. I am a very organized person."
"I love love songs. Slow music. Cool music. I love Al Green, Aaron Neville, Whitney Houston, Usher, Eminem. The old years, the 60's and 70's. All those songs, I love.

I don't go to bars, I don't go to clubs, I go home early to listen to my music, watch my TV, then I sleep early."
"I'm a good citizen. I contribute to the society. Every year I pay my taxes.
More than $5000 annually.
Canada is a good country. I'm using it to my own advantage."


"In the morning, at 5:30AM, always, I wake up, I have my breakfast, then I start work at 7AM. This is my routine for 17 years.

I work in a rooming house for mentally challenged people. I'm here everyday.
Once a week I have to change bed sheets for the tenants.
Once a week I have to change the towels for the tenants.
Every other day I have to clean the rooms.
When winter comes, I have to shovel the snow.
Wednesdays I have to take the garbage out.

That's what part of my work is." 
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